Methods of Art
Video Interview

Methods of art is a project by Johannes M. Hedinger and Prof. Torsten Meyer at University of Cologne (Institute of Art and Art Theory) which was initiated to create a pool of video-based education materials for the integrated use of current media technology in blended learning scenarios. A second series was produced by the Zurich University of the Arts and the Connecting Space in Hong Kong. The archive presents over 25 interviews with artists from Germany, Switzerland, USA, Russia, China and Hong Kong.

A series of video interviews with contemporary artists from different fields and background, focusing on the following ten key questions:

Who is the artist?
What is the artwork?
What is the production?
What is the material?
What is the medium?
What is the process?
What is the presentation?
What is the intention?
What is the method?
What is art?

“Methods of Art” presents a multitude of approaches, concepts, strategies, tools and methods in contemporary art through the conversations with artists from different disciplines and generations. Central to these in-depth conversations is the exploration and application of an artistic method or a method of art. The video interviews are meant to explore how art is being "made", and how it is then mediated. The future of art and the logical changes in the past are also touched on, as changing conditions of production, distribution, and reception are addressed alongside the key questions.